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Mieltabs: The Future of Eco-Friendly Cleaning. Embrace the Power of Zero Waste Solutions. Direct from Manufacturer to You - Affordable, Sustainable, and Spotlessly Clean.

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Embrace a Greener Tomorrow with Miel Tabs: Your Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tablet Solution

Welcome to Mieltabs, your premier wholesale tablet manufacturer! At Miel Kimya, we take pride in producing cutting-edge, eco-friendly tablets that are 100% zero waste products, packaged in recyclable materials. Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with offering you affordable prices, as we deliver directly from our manufacturing facility to your doorstep. Discover the future of detergent tablets with Mieltabs and join us in our journey towards a cleaner and greener world. Shop now and experience the power of eco-conscious cleaning solutions!


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Miel Tabs Auto Glass Cleaner Tablet

miel tabs blistered package 3 pcs

Auto Glass Cleaner Tablet

Blistered Package 8gr 3PCS

How To Use Miel Tabs Windscreen Cleaner Tablet:


  • Open the cover of washer tank
  • Pour water into the tank
  • Put one piece Mieltabs Washer Tablet


  • Put one piece Mieltabs Washer Tablet to the clean bottle with water
  • Wait for tablet dissolve completely
  • Open the cover of washer tank
  • Pour the dissolved water into the tank

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"Clean with Conscience: Miel Tabs - Eco-Friendly Cleaning, Eco-Friendly Living"

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It is our job to develop and produce cleaning tablet products specific to the needs of companies with our expert staff!

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"Cleaner Tablets for a Cleaner Tomorrow: Miel Tabs - Your Sustainable Solution"

Miel Tabs Support Zero-Waste Approach

The Zero-Waste Advantage:

At Miel tabs, we are committed to reducing plastic waste. Our  Tablet comes in recyclable materials, supporting a zero-waste approach and contributing to a cleaner planet. By choosing Miel tabs, you actively participate in the fight against plastic pollution.

miel tabs effervescent tablet wholesale
Effervescent Cleaner Tablet

Effervescent Tablet Technology: Unleashing Innovation in Eco-Friendly Products

Effervescent Tablet Technology represents a cutting-edge approach to formulating products that revolutionize the way we experience effective substances. As an eco-conscious solution, these tablets interact with liquid, typically water, releasing gas and bubbles to dissolve their active ingredients. Miel Kimya’s skilled scientists, through meticulous research and development at our state-of-the-art facility, have designed these versatile tablets, customizing them to cater to diverse customer needs. Embracing effervescent technology empowers us to create cleaner and more sustainable products, whether it’s for cleaning or personal care, providing unparalleled convenience and efficacy upon activation with water. Join us on this journey of innovation, making eco-friendly products a vital step toward a greener tomorrow.

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Our Wholesale Tablet Cleaner is the eco-conscious choice for powerful and sustainable cleaning solutions. Crafted with biodegradable and natural ingredients, these tablets offer an efficient and safe way to maintain spotless surfaces, disinfect, and tackle tough stains. With bulk quantities available, businesses and retailers can embrace eco-friendly cleaning practices and offer customers a greener choice for a cleaner tomorrow.
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